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Farandi are six musicians from Denmark, Finland, UK, Sweden and Belgium brought together by a love of Nordic folk music, from the traditional to contemporary, minimal to symphonic. The folk super-group combines nyckelharpas, accordion, bagpipes and flute. Follow them here on their journey through the Nordic countries.

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Farandi are six musicians from five different countries brought together by a love of Nordic folk music. The name “Farandi” comes from the language of Old Norse, translating as “wandering”. Their name reveals their current journey. As part of the Nordic Master in Folk Music – the most high-profile program in folk today – they are travelling for the next two years across the Nordic countries. Members include bagpiper Marieke Van Ransbeeck (previously known from Back To The Woods), flautist Mette Qvist-Jensen, accordionist Tommie Black-Roff (TEYR) and nyckelharpists Petrus Dillner (HRD and Trio Törn), Saana Kujala and Einar Zethelius (Tagelfar).

Collectively they believe in a folk music that unites people – musicians, listeners and dancers. To this end Farandi are dedicated to crossing borders to share their “amazing sound” (Emilia Amper). Listen for yourself here.



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